The Library of School Schedules is a searchable database of over 500 schedules from schools across the United States and internationally.

The schedules in the Library have been constructed by a School School Scheduling Associates consultant in conjunction with the school’s administration or scheduling team. Schedules are indexed by a variety of parameters and this database may be searched to find schools in specific states, of a certain size, and including a number of program features (see screenshot of the user interface below).

All schedules have been constructed in Excel and may be downloaded from the website and adapted for your school’s use. Currently the Library includes more than 500 elementary school schedules and 200 secondary school schedules.

At the elementary level 441 schedules include the Intervention/Enrichment period. 129 schedules have inclusion teachers shown. 197 schedules include shared teachers with district-wide encore teacher assignments.

Here are the numbers of schools included from each state:

Alabama-6, Arizona-3, Colorado-15, Connecticut-2, District of Columbia-2, Florida-1, Georgia-30, Indiana-4, Maryland-2, Michigan-20, North Carolina-55, New Jersey-18, Nevada-4, New York-35, Ohio-44, Pennsylvania-65, South Dakota-3, Tennessee-3, Texas-16, Virginia-152, Wisconsin-54, and West Virginia-1.

A two-year School License to access the Library of School Schedules is available for $250.00. A reduced rate may be available for a District License which provides access for multiple schools within the same school district; please contact us by clicking the “contact” link below to discuss.

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The two screenshots below show the search interfaces for the elementary and secondary libraries