Announcing Library Of School Schedules

June 10, 2012 – 10:24 am

For the past two years we have been indexing and uploading schedules created jointly by School Scheduling Associates and schools around the nation.  The Library now includes over 400 elementary school schedules and approximately 30 secondary school schedules. Schedules are indexed by a variety of parameters and this database may be searched to find schools in specific states, of a certain size, and including a number of program features. All schedules have been constructed in Excel and may be downloaded from the Library and adapted for your school’s use. This database is the result of hundreds of days of consulting work and hundreds of hours of formatting, indexing, and preparation for inclusion into the Library.  While all other resources at the School Scheduling Associates website are free, access to this valuable resource is by subscription. A two-year school license is offered for an introductory rate of $250. To read more about this valuable resource, see sample schedules (PDFs not Excel), and to register click here: Library of School Schedules. Because we have just begun to index and upload middle and high school schedules potential secondary registrants are forewarned that the number of middle and high school schedules currently is quite limited compared to the abundant and varied elementary school schedules available in the Library. Over the coming months we will be indexing and adding secondary schedules, as well as continuing to add elementary schedules as the are created with new clients.

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