Baldwin Elementary School Parallel Block Schedule

I met with Ashley Cramp (, principal at Baldwin Elementary School in Manassas, VA on Monday to review her schedule and prepare part of the Educational Program Specifications for the new building they are planning. Last year we designed a new schedule that really focused on literacy instruction. The basic philosophy underpinning this plan with several detailed examples can be found in chapter 6 our new book:

Elementary School Scheduling: Enhancing Instruction for Student Achievement

Students in this schedule have small group language instruction (6-12 students) daily for 45 minutes and small group (10-12) math daily for 45 minutes. Of course that is just part of the language arts and math instruction all students receive daily.

Baldwin’s impressive one-year results are detailed in Ashley’s PowerPoint: Baldwin Results June 2008

Here’s the full copy of the Baldwin schedule. It includes the encore schedules, encore rotations and the parallel block grade level schedules: Baldwin Schedule 2007-2008.

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